The RBRR Event 2012



We would like to thank everyone that supported us on are quest and gave so generously to charity. The RBRR event was fantastic and are 1978 Triumph Spitfire covered the 2,000 plus miles in the 48 hours with out a problem with the car. Recorded mileage on the car including getting to and from the start point was 2,400 mile, below are some pictures from the event.

Above: Leaving the workshop on the way to the start.

Below: The Cars lining up at The Plough pre-start.

John O'Groats

This is the Seaview Hotel at John O'Groats, all of the drive prior to this was in the dark and rain so pictures are scares, however still fantastic and pumped with adrenalin the breakfast was great and well needed be cause by this time we had been driving for approx 13hrs, The only miner problem we have was due to the heavy rain the passenger foot well was full of water but it will soon dry so i said to Colin with cold feet. 

John O'Groats

Triumph's as fare as the eye can see.